Zambia: UN backs Lungu on ‘planning and budgeting policy’

United Nations (UN) says plans by President Edgar Lungu’s administration to mainstream a tradition of long-lasting government policies through enactment of “planning and budgeting bill into law” will improve the livelihood of ordinarily Zambians.

The copper reliant land linked country has in the last five decades of its independence failed to witness transformative change socially and economically, with more than 80per cent of its population unemployed.

Speaking to the media in Lusaka, UN, monitoring and evaluation specialist, Vimbainashe Mukota said the development will pave way for consistency in governance and public accountability.

Mukota said, “once enacted into law, this will hold politician accountable to complete projects regardless of the fact that a new government comes into power at any point before the completion of the projects.”

In a separate engagement Lee Chileshe, assistant director social sector planning in theMinistry of National Development Planning, said, “the bill was approved at cabinet office, and has since been returned to the ministry of justice for further review by the legislative committee.”

Meanwhile, in Mazabuka, residents say when enacted the law will help address their current situation where the province has not received no improvement owing it to political bias in the country. – Bashi Gwen in Lusaka