Zambia – DRC Kasumbalesa Border Project nears completion

By Nawa Mutumweno – The $25 million Kasumbalesa Border Project on the Zambia – DRC frontier will be completed in December this year.

The project which is funded by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) is poised to improve interface between border users and operators, thereby enhancing regional trade.

Zambia Border Crossing Company (ZipBCC) is undertaking the DBSA-financed project which includes the installation of the modern information technology (IT) system to reduce border congestion in addition to operating the state- of- the- art facility at the crossing point.

The design is based on a unique model with the installation of an IT system that would fast-track processes and procedures at the border.

The ZipBCC approach has gained momentum and is now being adopted as a model for other border posts operated in the region.

Due to the efficient work at the Zambia-DRC border, ZipBCC have been offered contracts to carry out similar projects at five other Zambia’s border posts neighbouring different countries.

These include Jimbe bordering Angola, Kipushi which borders the DRC, Nakonde on the Tanzanian frontier, Mlolo and Mwami on the boundaries with Mozambique and Malawi, respectively.