Welcome Reception for Ardenne High School Delegation

Ardenne Welcome Reception Group Photo

Devon Harris, author and Jamaican Olympic bobsledder, Christian Allen, Jonell Campbell, Clive W Blackwood, executive vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Sarah-Lee Tucker, Chelsi-Rae Buckley, Hugh Billings and Anthony Turner, president of Images Media.

By Dennis Kabatto – Ardenne High School continues to live up to its stellar reputation.  Considered as the Island’s best secondary school with one of the highest academic standards in the Caribbean, Ardenne High School proudly represented Jamaica for the third time at the recently concluded 5 day international Model United Nations conferences in New York.

From left to right - Ms Joan Bogle, Ardenne Alunae and Mrs. Nadine Molloy, Prinicpal Ardenne High School

L-R Ms Joan Bogle, Ardenne High School alumnae and Mrs. Nadine Molloy, Principal, Ardenne High School

To show appreciation for their participation, Ardenne High School alumni in New York spearheaded by Dave Rodney and Anthony Turner (co-founders of Images Newsletter – a leading source for Caribbean news, sports and entertainment) held a welcome reception for the 8 member delegation at Finn Partners – a global communications group’s office in midtown Manhattan.

“IMAGES Media was thrilled to have had the opportunity to host Ardenne High School Principal Mrs. Nadine Molloy, a delegation of 7 students and chaperon who were in New York attending the WFUNA Model Assembly,” Turner said in a statement

 Turner said the welcome reception “served as an opportunity to connect the students with successful Ardenne graduates in the Diaspora and gave the NY media an opportunity to meet some of the future leaders of Jamaica.”

He said the UN Model conference “was just one step along their journey” of the participating students – some of the brightest minds in Jamaica “as they prepared for the global society.”

During her remarks, Mrs. Molloy, who led the delegation told the guests “We have some amazing students at Ardenne, the energy is so high, they are just absolutely brilliant and smart, and they are here enjoying New York.”

Rochelle White, a Jamaican Middle School Principal in Queens New York and Dave Rodney, Ardenne Alumni

Rochelle White, a Jamaican Middle School Principal in Queens, new York & Dave Rodney, Ardenne High School alumnus and co-founder of Images Newsletter

Mrs. Molloy added, “I just look forward to them going back and sharing at school with others what they have learned, share with them the fact that they have met you (the alumni) and you are here in the big wide world contributing and motivating those behind that they can contribute too and give back to Ardenne.”

She said despite the challenges, it is a lovely experience on any given day to be the school’s principal.

According to the UN Model Assembly website, three previous Asia and Regional Model UN conferences were held in Beijing, China (August 2004), New Delhi, India (February 2006) and Incheon, Republic of Korea (July 2008). One WFUNA Africa Regional Model UN conference took place in Stellenbosch, South Africa in September 2005.