Vuvuzela Debate Rages On Cyberspace

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Cape Town – The popularity of the vuvuzela, a plastic trumpet tens of thousands of South African fans are using to express support for players during the World Cup, has led to mass online debate about the noisemaker. As reported by AFP, although many suggest the trumpet is a necessary staple for the tournament, others have expressed their disdain for widespread use of them, even going so far as to start an online petition calling for vuvuzelas to be banned from this year’s games. The debate has reportedly continued on sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

South African fan Sazi Mhlwatika, is quoted in the report as stating of the use of the small plastic trumpets, “It’s our way to motivate players, to express happiness and how do you feel in the stadium… We are used to them and you can’t enjoy the game without vuvuzelas. If there’s no vuvuzelas, there is no game. It’s just a traditional thing in South Africa. Abroad, they sing from the first minute to the end, here we blow vuvuzelas from the beginning to the end.”

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