UK Labour Union Responds to Ed Balls’ Comment on EU Immigration

By Own Correspondent – LONDON, — Britain’s biggest union for construction workers, Unite, has responded to Labour leadership contender Ed Balls comment on EU Immigration.

Ed Balls recently said immigration had affected many communities across the country, and that future immigration from within the European Union needs to be more tightly controlled.

Unite’s Assistant General Secretary, Les Bayliss said:

“Ed Balls is absolutely correct. The current situation of immigration from the EU combined with weak employment protection in this country has led to widespread exploitation of workers in the construction industry. Wage levels are being undercut and national bargaining agreements are being ignored. We need to tighten up on regulations to protect domestic workers’ ability to get jobs and to earn a decent living, whilst at the same time allowing skilled workers from the EU to come here without fear of being cheated by unscrupulous employers.”

Les Bayliss has national responsibility for the construction industry including the Olympic site in London.