UGANDA: release two Kampala bomb attack suspects

By Guyson Nanagayi – Kampala – (AFP)- Ugandan authorities on Thursday released two suspects  Sheikh Zamir Naufal and Ugandan Dithan Peter Ntale detained on suspicion of involvement in the July 11 Kampala attacks that killed 76 people watching the World Cup final.

The release comes after the prosecution entered a “nolle prosequi”, a Latin legal phrase that amounts to “do not prosecute”and Chief Magistrate Deo Ssejjemba ordered the immediate release of Pakistani national Sheikh Zamir Naufal and Ugandan Dithan Peter Ntale

“Proceedings against the two accused persons are hereby dismissed as per the prayers and pleadings by the prosecution. You are hereby released,” Ssejjemba said in court.

State lawyer Joan Kagezi told the court the country’s director of public prosecution said there was insufficient proof to prosecute the pair.

“The director of public prosecutions has instructed me to discontinue proceedings against Mr Naufal and Mr Ntale.

“He has lost interest in prosecuting them because there is no sufficient evidence against them,” Kagezi said.

The two were among more than 30 suspects charged with 76 counts of murder, 10 counts of attempted murder and committing acts of terrorism.