Uganda deployed deployed more troops in Somali.

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – Hundreds of African union soldiers from Uganda arrived in Somalia today as part of Uganda’s recent pledge of announcing additional troops to be deployed in Somalia.

Military airplane carrying the soldiers landed on the Adan Ade international airport in the capital of Mogadishu.

As soon as the soldiers approached in the Somali soil several motors were landed inside the airport fired by Al-Shaba but caused no casualties,

The deployment of more Ugandan soldiers in Mogadishu today is followed strange meeting between the leaders of African union peace-keepers in Somalia,

In the meantime four dead bodies of UA soldiers who were killed by a mortar attack as they were guarding around the Somali’s state house the presidential palace known as villa Somalia had been flown back in to Uganda,

It was just nearly 3 days ago when Ugandan government said that they will sustain their military presence in Somalia if needed pledging to deploy almost 10,000 new forces in Somalia,

According to the Somali government 750 extra troops are joined to (AMISOM) in Somalia to tackle Alshabab as saying Abdirahman Yariisow the Somali minister of Information.

Once African union member states  is increasing their missions in Somalia Alshabab  playing new tactics against the transitional government including the foreign soldiers operating in Somalia starting series of attacks to topple the Somali’s weak interim government which controlled only small part of the capital Mogadishu, “ it is really misfortunate that the current situation in Somalia is getting worse all the time,  but now Somalia  needs  a wise , peace , to work for long consolidations rather than installing to a military uniforms said Dr Afyare Abdi Elmi a professor of international affairs at Qatar university in Doha,

No one is considered to do something for this country so we have to engage our community in order to look for sod of solutions to pave the way another Somalia that we can just restart it said Mr. Afyare