The Kufuor Scholarship at OXFORD University:2011 application opens.

President Kuffpor Picture

President Kuffpor

By Own Correspondent – Following a generous gift made by the Kufuor Biographical Project to celebrate the leadership of President Kufuor in Ghana and to mark Ghana’s  50th Independence Anniversary, Exeter College is offering the Kufuor Scholarships (linked to a Clarendon Award) for a top Ghanaian student who wishes to undertake a graduate degree at Exeter College, University of Oxford. The Scholarship is tenable from 1 October 2011 for one year, renewable for a further two years, and is worth £5,500 per annum in addition to the Clarendon Award.



The Scholarship is open to any student who is an Ghanaian Citizen, resident in Ghana, and ;wishes to read for a graduate degree at Exeter College, Oxford, and; has been accepted into the University of Oxford onto such a graduate course, and; commits to remaining at Exeter College for the duration of his or her course, and; gives an undertaking (and signs a letter to that effect) to return to Ghana to work in the  Public Sector on completion of his or her course of study, for a minimum of one year, in order to make a contribution to that country.

Applicants for the Kufuor Scholarship should apply directly to the University for a Clarendon Award, marking Exeter as their preferred College. If an applicant is successful in attaining a Clarendon Award and meets the above criteria, he or she will automatically be considered for a Kufuor Scholarship.

For information about how to apply for the Clarendon Award, please visit: