The 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee Fails To Pay Volunteers On Time

JOHANNESBURG – The 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee has confirmed that it is still in the process of paying volunteers and that all volunteers will be paid for their service during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The OC said it has taken the decision to put in place one payment process for the distribution of stipends to volunteers.

With the help of the FNB card system the OC has already begun making payments to volunteers and will continue to roll out the  payments according the payment schedule drawn up by the volunteer department.

“We faced challenges with some volunteers having bank accounts and others not having accounts. And then there were some volunteers who wanted to use a family members or friends accounts for payment and we felt we could not take on that liability. Therefore we decided on one form of payment in the form of the FNB card system,” said OC volunteer manager Onke Mjo.

Volunteers collected their FNB cards in the various venues last month. Their stipends will be paid into the accounts linked to these cards and once payment has been made they will receive a SMS notification from FNB.

“We want to reassure all volunteers that the fact that the venue offices have closed does not have a bearing on the payment of their stipends. This is being handled by the volunteer head office at SAFA House,” Mjo said.

She added that only 800 volunteers had failed to collect their FNB cards.

“Volunteers who have not collected their cards can still do so from the office at SAFA House. If you have not collected your card, you are urged to contact us on the details as given below by Friday, 13 August 2010.

Those volunteers who are unable to collect their cards will receive payment via the FNB wallet system but only once the first set of card payments have been completed.”

Mjo said the payment of volunteers could only begin once the tournament was complete. The OC then prioritized the payment of international volunteers who were leaving South Africa. This process was completed on Friday. The OC then began the payment of volunteers in the various venues in South Africa this week.

Once these payments are completed a second round of payments will be made to volunteers who have collected the cards late and to those who are unable to collect cards.