Tanzania: President Kikwete raps main opposition party, worry of national revolts

Our Correspondent, Dar es Salaam – President Jakaya Kikwete has addressed the nation yesterday in his scheduled monthly speech showing a sign of worry on the way the main opposition party, Chadema, conducts its ongoing demonstrations and rallies accusing them of a plot to oust his government by stirring revolts and violence in the country. In his speech where he also discussed power rationing crisis, scarcity of sugar and souring prices, the President was vividly concerned by Chadema’s political activism.

“The speeches and actions of our fellows (Chadema) indicate an intention of stirring nation wide violence in order to destroy our existing peace,” said the President who, contrary to his schedules, had not addressed the nation for the last two months without prior notice.

The warning comes few days after Chadema top leaders who are currently going around the country in an operation to inform the people on various national issues, had given the President 9 days to speak out about his government’s plans to pay S. 94bn to a controversial firm, Dowans, being damages for an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitration award.

But yesterday in his speech President Kikwete denounced them saying “Such problems cannot be dealt within nine days.” However speaking in a public rally in Shinyanga region, the Chadema national chairman, Freeman Mbowe said the President should be aware that Chadema are exercising their constitutional rights and they will continue planning more rallies to sensitize the masses on various social, economic and political issues.

The speech was received with mixed reactions some saying the President made a mistake in taking much more time to address politics rather than social issues that currently confronts the nation including power rationing, price inflations in most good and the recent military bombs explosion in Gongo la Mboto area in the Commercial Capital of Dar es Salaam. The blast caused about 25 confirmed deaths by yesterday and more than 400 injuries. In his speech the President though mentioned that even he has never stressed on what actions does his government take to ensure the same is not repeated.