Tanzania – Pinda: BRN assessment of Ministers to be transparent

By Shout-Africa Correspondent, Dodoma – Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has said the assessment of Ministerial delivery through the Big Result Now (BRN) will be an objective and transparent process that will be open for all the people to scrutinize.

Prime Minister Pinda was speaking during the launch of Education Week in Dodoma on Saturday where he said the assessment criteria are open for the public to scrutinize on how much the Ministers are performing on their duties.

“The Big Result Now Programme has set targets that will help us boost the standard of our education especially in primary and secondary schools. We are committed to achieve the target of 80 percent pass by 2015,” said Mr. Pinda.

He insisted that although the BRN Programme covers a total of 6 sectors, the government has agreed to set ambitious targets to improve the quality of education in Tanzania. “Some of the targets are hard to achieve. But we said let us commit our efforts to implement them,” he said.

Under the BRN Programme, responsible Ministers in six sectors of education, agriculture, water, transport, energy and resource mobilization have signed performance contracts with President Kikwete to ensure that they deliver the set targets within required time and with big and fast results.

But a year after the Programme kicked off, Mr. Pinda said it is now high time the public start scrutinizing the performances. “Use this education week to review how the education sector is performing. On our part, we will ensure that all Ministries under BRN are assessed and the public is kept aware of the assessment,” he promised.

The Education Week which will reach its climax on 10 May, 2014 aims at among other objectives, to bring together education stakeholders to reflect on the efforts to improve the sector in the country.

President Jakaya Kikwete will use the 10th May climax to award best performing students and most improved schools in the primary and secondary exams held last year.

The BRN delivery programme is overseen by the newly formed President’s Delivery Bureau (PDB) to ensure the selected big result projects are fully implemented within short period of time and with big results that will spar development in other sectors.