Tanzania: Loliondo Herbalist now fear for his life

By Own Correspondent – The famous Loliondo “cure-all” herbalist, Rev. Ambilikile Mwasapila has officially confirmed rumours that some gangs are aiming at his life. For some days now, rumours have been circulating that there were several attempts to assassinate the herbalist whose fame is increasing daily.

Reverend Mwasapile in Loliondo

Reverend Mwasapile in Loliondo

Speaking at his service scene, Mwasapila has said some people who were earning a lot of money through bogus treatments have now been “bankrupted” hence the grudge. “They are planning to destroy me daily, but God and available security organs here are protecting me,” said Mwasapila in a usual calm tone, confirming the rumors that there were several attempts at his live.

The pastors open words have also confirmed rumors that the government of Tanzania has decided to deploy a dozen both uniformed and non uniformed security personnel to protect him. Initially rumours gained momentum as the pastor was seen under heavy escort a day he was living Samunge village to attend burial ceremony for his son in a Manyara township.

Shout-Africa.com eye witnesses said everybody was amazed at the level of security offered to the Reverend. “Every day you see some changes in security tactics. We have reported a number of top leader’s visits and meetings so we know that there are some senior security members around,” said a Samunge camped reporter preferring anonymity.

Already senior healthy officials from the government of Tanzania and the World Health Organization (WHO) are in Samunge village to finalize clinical tests on the efficacy of the cup cure which is said to treat a number of critical diseases including HIV/AIDS, diabetes.