Tanzania: ICTR to Train Tanzanian Judiciary and Law Enforcement Office

The  United  Nations  International  Criminal  Tribunal  for Rwanda will  beginning  Monday 22 November 2010 conduct a four-day training programme for Tanzanian Judiciary and Law Enforcement Officers in Arusha.

The  workshop  will bring together 20 senior officers from the Tanzanian Judiciary,  Police,  Prisons,  Directorate  of  the  Public  Prosecutor, Anti-Corruption Services and Directorate of Immigration.

The training will cover topics which include various aspects governing Witness   Protection   Programmes with  reference  to  the  Tribunal’s experience.   These   include;   Prerequisites  to  Witness  Protection, Preventive Measurers  for Protection of Witnesses, Protecting Witnesses in  their  country  of  residence, and Interrelation between Protection,   Security and Support Services.

The training  is part of the Legacy of the Tribunal which incorporates, among other activities, capacity building programmes in the East African region.