Tanzania: BRN move to boost small scale agriculture

By Shout-Africa Correspondent – The government of Tanzania through its delivery and transformation programme, the Big Result Now (BRN), is moving fast to boost small scale agriculture in Tanzania and called all partners to collaborate.

That was said yesterday in Dar es Salaam by the Chief Executive Officer of the President’s Delivery Bureau (PDB) which oversees the BRN Programme, Mr. Omari Issa.

Mr. Issa said that when chairing a meeting with visiting members of the Executive Board of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The IFAD Fund is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) created in 1974 to finance agricultural development projects primarily for boosting food production in the developing countries.

“In the Agriculture sector our major output which is on track is to boost productivity of small holder agriculture schemes in the selected projects,” he said adding that one of the crucial efforts under BRN is to facilitate the farmers to acquire title deeds for their farms.

Briefing the IFAD delegates on the BRN Agriculture delivery so far, The PDB Director for Agriculture and Market Efficiencies, Henry Kinyuah said within less than a year of BRN implementation significant strides have been noted.

“Overall aim of the agriculture sector within BRN is to ensure increase in agriculture income, boosting small holders’ capabilities and ensuring food security for the country by 2015,” he said adding that most of the projects have taken off.

Speaking on behalf of the delegates, a member of the IFAD Executive Board, Yaya Olaniran from Nigeria commended the government of Tanzania in putting agriculture on its high priority sector under BRN projects.

He promised that IFAD will continue to support the government initiatives in agriculture especially in boosting the capacities of the small farmers.