Tanzania: Bomb remains found in Prime Ministers private residence from the Dar explosions

By Shout-Africa Correspondent, Dar es Salaam – More horrific scenes of the Gongolamboto military explosions in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania continue to emerge as more investigations on the extent of the damages has found out that even noble families were not spared with the explosion dismay as two missile remains were found dropped inside the current Prime Ministers’ private residence in Pugu area, a few kilometers from the site of explosion.

Residents admire one of the bomb remains

Residents admire one of the bomb remains

The Premier himself, Mr. Mizengo Pinda and his close family were not in the House when the missiles ditched in some grounds inside their Pugu residence.

One of the Premiers housekeepers, Mr. Mnally told reporters that one of the shells destroyed a mango tree within the Premiers compound as another exploded into the bare grounds. Efforts by some local journalists to take photos from the area were in vain and when a local Kiswahili daily, Mwananchi (The Citizen), photographers to tried to take photos of the area some security men grabbed the cameras and deleted everything in it.

Meanwhile one more person has died making the number to 21 as burial services for the diseased started taking place yesterday in some Dar es Salaam areas. The new death was reported to be of a person identified as a former army Colonel who died after sustaining severe injuries. Government has announced to bear all the burial costs and treatments for the injured as pressure is mounting on the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Defense Forces to resign.