Tanzania:Dar Airport closed as bomb explosions rock Dar again

By Own Correspondent – A series of bomb explosions from the Gongo la Mboto Tanzania Peoples’ Defense Force (TPDF) camp have rocked the City of Dar es Salaam once again causing death, severe injuries to hundreds, property destruction and aviation insecurity that led to the closure of the Nyerere International Airport for some time. The yesterday’s explosion reminds city residents of a similar horror two years ago when other explosions from a military camp near Mbagala area caused severe damages to people and their properties.

According to reliable information confirmed by the City’s Acting Regional Commissioner, Said Meck Sadiq, some 17 people were confirmed dead as more than 100 injured and many had to escape their homes to safer places. The National football grounds in Temeke saved as an evacuation center.  Passengers who were waiting to board international and local flights were stranded at the airport after the planes were stopped from landing and taking off due to the explosions.

The military was yet to say on the causes of the explosions but yesterday the army Chief of Staff, Abdulrahman Shimbo said the bombs had a capacity to fly 11 kilometers from the camp hence warned the people to run to far safer places.

The Parliamentary session in the country’s capital Dodoma was adjourned this morning to allow efforts to rescue people continue. No statement was issued yet on whether the explosion was contained as in the morning of Thursday, a fter a quite mid night, some bombs were reported to have exploded again.

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