South African Artists Join Forces To Keep Verlorenvlei Alive

By Novell Zwange – The Piketberg art scene is joining hands to create awareness to a very important environmental issue. They want to protect the massive and beautiful Verlorenvlei that is running all the way from the Piketberg mountain range to Elands bay. It’s mentionable fresh water source, rich bird, animal, plant life (that contains many rare, threatened and presumed extinct species) , people, towns dependant on it and clean air from the very real, already long term threat of mining. They also want to raise funds to assist the organisation that is working so hard to protect what is every human’s best interest becoming alarmingly scares- fresh water and rich animal and plant life.


According to Wikipedia more than half the world’s wetlands have been lost along with their valuable environmental services. And by 2025 South Africa will be one of the countries which will face very severe water shortages due to physical scarcity and a condition of overpopulation relative to their carrying capacity with respect to water supply and as we know we already have to deal with water restrictions from time to time. So somewhere we have to draw the line and preserve what we have and what our children need in the future. Underneath more information applicable more specifically to
Verlorenvlei’s unique situation.

“We are thus appealing to the media to help us in our efforts by doing what is your speciality- informing the public about this issue and our efforts,” said spokesperson AntheA Delmotte.

On 29 October at 19:00 the AntheA Delmotte’s gallery will be opening a group exhibition called “portraying the beauty of Verlorenvlei”. Piketberg a scenic small town is home to a very big art community of which some is well known national and international. During this period various accommodating and supporting galleries will sell a work donated by an artist for this cause. These works will be on show along with an informative write-up about Verlorenvlei and if so wish a petition against mining in the verlorenvlei area can be signed.

“From the 30 th till 31 October the streets of Piketberg will come to life with various artists opening their studios to the public. Artists from elsewhere will show at various venues in and around Piketberg. Maps will be supplied and markers around town will show the way to the various open studios.”