South Africa: Residents Sign Natasha Petition In Protest of Murderer’s Parole

SOUTH AFRICA –  Concerned residents of Chatsworth suburb  have petitioned authorities over the granting of parole to rapist and child murderer.

Natasha Sukdeo Natasha Sukdeo was kidnapped, held for 4 days, brutally raped and murdered in Chatsworth , Unit 2. Her body was mutilated and dumped a few doors from her residence. She was only 10 years old, her innocent life taken away!!

“Her murderer and rapist Devapragasen Munsamy has been granted parole. Please assist us in singing the petition below to stop this from happening. He cannot be allowed to walk the streets!!” says the residents.

“He remains a threat to the children of the community.  His home is only a short distance from a primary school and four houses from the victim’s family.  We the undersigned residents of Chatsworth / concerned citizens, hereby request the parole board NOT release the