South Africa: IFP Says There’s Predictable Collapse Of South African Home Affairs

By Novell Zwange – The IFP Party of South Africa alleges that Minister of Home Affairs has employed a formula universally known to collapse the strongest of the administrative structures: she has abolished the decentralization of the processing of applications for immigration permits which the law requires and the Buthelezi administration had implemented.

In a press statement issued today, Dr Mario GR Oriani-Ambrosini MP, IFP Spokesman on Trade & Industry, said “She has then concentrated everything at the centre in Pretoria and allowed the centre to collapse under the weight of responsibilities it could not possibly bear. There is now an unmanageable backlog of many years. In addition, she is now proposing to pass legislation to abolish immigration practitioners who have been doing the bulk of the work for the past ten years.”

“The ripple effect of the Home Affairs collapse is affecting the entire economy, as companies cannot renew work permits and about 50’000 law-abiding peoples stand to become illegal foreigners in South Africa, while the Department remains hopelessly incapable to deal with those who are outside the system.”

Dr Mario conceded, “If the legislation proposed by the Minister goes through, South Africa can be closed down as far as legal immigration is concerned. “