South Africa: AfriForum has succeeded in its first objective with the Malema case

… .. namely to expose Malema and the ANC’s racist intolerance of minority communities : By Own Correspondent – According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, it however is quite ironic that Malema, Winnie Mandela and their followers, have themselves ensured all by themselves that this goal could be achieved, by demonstrating the ANC’s racism and intolerance practically outside the court.  “Heavily armed guards who tried to intimidate moderate people, the repeated use of hate-speech slogans and other repulsive conduct outside the court says more about the racism of Malema and the ANC, than any witness would have been able to testify to in court,” Kriel said.  Kriel emphasised that the court case provides Malema with a public platform upon which he can discredit himself and the ANC and from where he can demonstrate to the world that the ANC of Malema no longer is the ANC of Mandela.

According to Kriel, Malema and the ANC’s intolerance will not simply disappear if one were to sweep it under the carpet.  “Minorities in Zimbabwe ignored the racist tirades of the Mugabe regime, however that did not bring an end to it, but rather paved the way for Mugabe to implement his racist statements without facing any opposition,” Kriel said.  Kriel alleges that a lack of any kind of protest will give Malema a green light to take his hate speech even further, to the detriment of all in South Africa.

Malema’s tirades serve as additional motivation for AfriForum to achieve this civil rights organisation’s second objective, namely to call Malema to order in court.  “AfriForum is presenting the court with a strong case and we are confident that justice will prevail,” Kriel added.