Somalia: Single flag waving after Shabaab departed from Mogadishu

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – After many years of life under Alshabab control, free women dressing in soft clothes, man smoking in the streets and teenagers playing football with one flag waving visibly inside abandoned Alshabab districts in the capital Mogadishu.

As Mogadishu residents wake up about the news that Shabaab fighters had left from most of the capital Mogadishu on Saturday morning, many people felt anticipation of hope that they  would return home after missing their homes for so long. Some of the people began to visit their homes to begin repairs but officials of the Somali government are repeatedly warning the ordinary people not to determine to come back to their homes because of potential menace left by the armed conflict inside the areas,.

“These areas are very dangerous places, we think that still ordinary people cannot be relocated to their homes, there are still pieces of ruins and used weapons full of inside these villages.

It may cause wider civilian casualties, we are trying to discover these remains in the neighbourhoods so we want to consult all the people not to go into these areas said colonel Abdikarim Yusuf Dagabadan senior commander for the TFG ground forces in Mogadishu.

Mogadishu has gained its channels to let the people cross the other side since a move was pressed smashing capital blockades run by Alshabab that made the town much a parted until Saturday morning.

“I can say this was a really a remarkable day, the day that we were looking to come and see, I was not able to accept that Alshabab is out of our previous village of Hamar-Bileh, until I saw some of my relatives there, but I was moping tears since Saturday evening”.

“ I just came back because the security intelligence are talking about dangers but I, in the near future I have no way to stay outside of my own house in Hamar Bile, I love my village, friends and relatives there, for been here I used to pay $150 per month”.

“But if I return to my home that is not a rented”, said Shukri Hassan Moalim one of the internally displaced people in Mogadishu,

The spokesman for the Somali government, Abdirahan Osman Yariisow, said “they are offering forgiveness for those remnants of the Alshabab elements still in the capital calling them to give up and came to join the troops, they will not be punishment for those that surrender and we will be rehabilitating them as soon as possible“.