Somalia: Recent security problems in Galkayo

By Own Correspondent – Puntland prominent cleric, Sheikh Ismail Hashi Hussein was killed in Heavy land mine explosion that was targeted with his car in Galkayo, on Saturday noon at 1:00 p.m. Two other persons were injured who were with him when the car exploded.

Sheikh Ismail was recently nominated as the director general of Puntland Ministry of Religious affairs.

According to eye witnesses, a remote-controlled roadside bomb knocked down the car as Sheikh Ismail was driving to his home. No one or group has claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Sheikh Ismail belonged to the moderate Islamist Sufi group of Ahlu Sunna Waljama who opposed to the radical ideology of Al-Shabab in Somalia.

On the other hand, unidentified gun men stormed two separate mosques in Galkayo, Somalia where they murdered at least 5 persons and wounded more than 13 others.

The first attack took place at Salahudin Mosque on Garsoor village, east of Galkayo. The assailants fired the mosque at the time of Maqrib prayer (evening prayer). Three persons were killed and ten others were injured.

While the second attack took place at Faruk Mosque which is on the same village (Garsoor), two people were killed and another four were injured. The attack took place at 5:00 am early in the morning of Sunday.

The bloodshed took place hours after the senior official from the ministry of religious affairs of Puntland, Sheikh Ismail Hashi Hussein was killed in a roadside bomb attack in Galkayo.

Number of suspected persons was detained by the police in Galkayo, Somalia.