Somali students studying in conflict

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – As violence increasingly became more precarious in the Somali capital of Mogadishu thousands of students put themselves at risk every day during their daily lessons along with growing threats of about being questioned any time that they are or they may be part of conflicting sides in the Somali’s political havoc.

Somali student at class

According to the students themselves many of them lost their lives in this ongoing bloodshed some of them were forced to join the war while others were sent to outside of the country for better education by the parents.

“My name is Omar Habiib one of the Ahmed Gurey students in Mogadishu, I’m sure our lives are at risk almost every day because for example I came from the outskirt of the capital of Mogadishu and also most of the students who came to this school.

“So we cross several checkpoints laying inside the road run by the two policies in Mogadishu it is really to quit difficult, we are searched, terrifying questions, surprisingly every group is calling us to join them and that is great disappointment and what is frustrating us every day said Omar.

“We are looking our fortune to survive this hard live, infact if I do finish my education I will not be staying at this ground battle screamed Shaadiya Abdi Mireh one of the students.

“As we left our homes our parents are so concerned about our situation, two of my brothers who are at the age of under the 15th and me are needed to go to school every day she said.

So during our journey to school my mother is phoning repeatedly us and if she misses our network coverage she feels worried and worried she tries to ring everywhere including teachers and our school mates added Shaadiya.