Somali islamists vowed more attacks during the Ramadan.

By  Mohamed Nuxurkey – Militants in Somalia declared what they called as holly jihad to fight against the AU soldiers in Mogadishu and  the transitional federal government( TFG) lead by the president Sharif Ahmed during the Ramadan month.

Also another insurgent group noun as Hisbul-Islam already tracked on their war against troops of the Somali government  supported by the AU peace keepers currently on the ground noun as (AMISOM) representing for Uganda and Burundi .

On the other hand there had been renewed conflicts between the troops of Buntland authority the Somali’s Eastren semi-autonomous region and Islamists militias devoted for the radicalist Mohamed Said Attam who claimed an astonishing  victory in recent fighting between the government of Puntland and his militias in the Galgalo frontier , “there should be more attacks during the holy month of Ramdan” said Shaikh Ali Mohamud Raggeh spokesman for Al-shabaab Islamist group in Somalia whom the US is considered as a terrorist Organization which link to the Al-kaida .

The Somali Diaspora and other separatist authorities are calling to prevent further threats in the region amid the repeated announcements of more assault against the foreign troops in Somalia and the transitional federal government (TFG) along with the militias fighting for the Puntland authority for control whom is believed of having a ties with Alshabaab fighters in Southern Somalia.

“Gradually we are all opposing any violent acts in our region and we urge the neighbouring authorities of Galmudug state and Puntland to assure the national security in the name of public interests and to give protection for the growing stability in those regions said Mohamed Shaikh Hadir Nure one of the opposition members in the Galmudug state in Eastern Somalia,

Islamist organization in Somalia recently maintained its reinforcement of recruiting young jihadists including foreigners in parts of Southern and Eastern Somalia regions to fight for restoring Islamic Sharia law over the region.