Shout-Africa speaks to Zimbabwe Achievers Awards nominee……. Natasha Orange

Shout-Africa speaks to Natasha Orange, founder of Slice of Time, a company that focuses on event management and catering for both corporate and family events. Other Services they provide include Planning, Concept, Theme & Branding, Awards, Trophies, Venue Finding, Photography, Online Presence, Promotion, PR and Measurement.

Natasha Orange with her husband and two children

Natasha Orange with her husband and two children

Natasha Orange, would you like to introduce yourself to Shout-Africa readers, please?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some information about myself and perhaps help to motivate others through your website.

1.      What does this nomination at the Zimbabwe Achievers awards mean to you and your business?

I am very proud of my Zimbabwean heritage.  To be nominated for this award, to have my efforts recognised by fellow Zimbabweans is truly a treasure.

2.      Are you familiar with some of the other nominees in your category and the other categories?

Yes, many of the nominees are well known and hard to miss – it is no surprise that they are part of the line up.  One of my very good friends, Creon Raftopoulos has been synonymous with Zimbabwean basketball and is true role model in the sporting world.

3.      Was there any particular reason that made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I have many interests and have dabbled in so many different trades – being an entrepreneur gives me the flexibility not to be boxed in, but to offer a wealth of services under the single brand of “Slice of Time”.  As a mother, this flexibility is even more important as my boys are always at the top of my priority list.

4.      What is the best way to describe your business?

I provide Marketing, Communications and Event Services – anything that involves organisation and creativity!  I take on freelance marketing contracts, organise events & provide event services including celebration cakes and floral design.

5.      How and when did you come up with your business idea?

With Marketing as the mainstay of my career since the 90s, I have always been involved in campaigns, events and related initiatives.  Event management is one of my strengths and I have had the pleasure of not only delivering corporate events, but also a range of fundraisers that benefited many worthy causes.  Along the way, I strived to develop skills to enable me to venture increasingly into my own initiatives.

6.      What are some of the biggest challenges you faced starting up and how did you overcome them?

Building up a network of customers, suppliers and affiliates has taken a long time but offers the best of foundations.  Being a foreigner in the UK has its own challenges and that has been the biggest hurdle overall to overcome.

7.      What are the biggest challenges you face now?

It is all a balance – managing to raise a family and still deliver such a wealth of services has been an ongoing juggling act. It is important to have good time management & a good marketing plan.

8.      What advice would you give other Zimbabwean entrepreneurs starting out today?

Don’t be afraid to live out your dreams and every second counts. Everything starts somewhere and you just have to take that first step.  With a little extra effort and a lot of faith, it all falls into place somehow!