Shout-Africa.Com Calls For African Correspondents

Africa’s newest newshub, kindly invites African journalists interested in corresponding for the online news project on voluntary basis to join the expanding team of other continental journalists promoting online journalism across Africa and the diaspora.


Shout-Africa is an African news hub featuring latest news on the continent, the people, the diaspora, the arts and culture, sports, business, religion, politics, environment, human rights and more. The news hub carries relevant pan-African news published in African countries and abroad, and seeks to provide avenues for cooperation and to optimize coverage of major news events in the continent.


The news hub was first discussed informally by the Africans in the diaspora. Encouraged by the warm fellowship among them and the success of several other such news platforms, they decided to pursue not only the news on africa but the celebration of the entire continent with the goal of improving the coverage of African affairs by African media. In June 2010, during the FIFA WorldCup championship hosted for the first time in Africa, Shout-Africa is launched.


1. To enhance and improve news coverage of African affairs.

2. To provide readership with reliable access to news sources in Africa.

3. To help promote and advance the professional development of

journalism in the continent.


Shout-Africa shall partner with organisations or projects that will generate news for the continent.

Interested journalists please contact the Project Manager, Mr Misheck Mberi on email ;