Shout-Africa Celeb Focus: Nezio

Zwa Celeb Focus: NEZIO

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This week we interview emerging Mozambican musician Nezio Ray Tembe, a performance artist, music arranger, composer and producer.(pictured here)

Nezio welcome to Shout-Africa !

Thank you my brother, “with big open arms, ha ha ha!”

What have you been up to recently?

I just finished recording my album “Listen To Yourself”, and I recently produced South African Afro-jazz artist Bricks Mokeng’s debut album, and also Bra Jozi’s as well as House Music compilation album. I am also currently shooting a video for my first track Keche Keche.

Where and when are we likely to see you performing again?

In Mozambique, Maputo…. you must come hey.

What’s the most memorable concert or performance(s) you’ve done?

Arts Alive 2010 in September at the Mary Fitzgerald square, yeah that’s the best gig I have done so far. The audience was just amazing.

How would you pay the bills if you weren’t a performing artist?

Ha ha I would be selling tomatoes in the streets.

What forthcoming projects, collaboration or shows are on the cards?

I have ongoing projects in my studio,  and I am doing music for MXO an afro-fusion outfit. I also have a pop music project with an upcoming artist.

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