Senegalese Star Dispels Perceptions About ‘Dark Africa’

JOHANNESBURG – Senegal’s multi talented singer, composer and song writer, Moh Dediouf’s sound is as vibrant and eclectic as the continent he is from. Born in Dakar Senegal in 1974, with a musical gift so profound, he now uses it to unite Africa and to make the world change their minds about what is perceived as the ‘Dark Continent.’

He is anchored to Africa, yet draws on his travels and life experiences from Europe and other parts of the world to mould, mix and make music that the whole world can dance to. His mission – to create music that no ear has ever heard.

Be it his humble beginnings, his bold ambition, his warm smile or his musical expertise – Moh Dediouf stands out from the rest. His debut, self-produced album, released in 2007, has already gained recognition. Moh is the first French artist to win the First Prize in the World Music Category at the International Song writing Competition. His song Adouna was chosen among more than 15 000 tracks from over 100 countries. Moh also formed part of the history created on African soil with the first ever World Cup hosting, by being the only French artist to be featured on the 2010 official World Cup Compilation Hello Afrika, with the song titled Africaaa. The lyrics, which are both in Wolof and English, resemble a melting pot of energy, diversity and a culture rich Africa.

“My music is about freedom. I sing with freedom. I have no limits and am influenced by life’s daily sights and sounds. There are no boundaries when you’re speaking a universal language, and through my music, I know the world will change, Africa will change, I know I will change.” Says Moh

Through his next release ‘Smile A Way of Life’, he wants followers not only to engage in his musical gift but to reach out and join hands in the plight to enrich Africa by supporting various projects and NGO’s.

“The World Cup has come and gone and for a long time, people are going to be looking at Africa, perhaps not always for the good. I am the start of a chain reaction and we need the links in order to polish Africa and make her shine.”

Moh hopes that through ‘Smile A Way of Life’ he’ll create a magical montage of like minded individuals who want to see Africa blossom.

“This is the start! My hope is to make this chain so strong, that the legacy will go on, beyond my second album. The giving does not stop after that, but will have a domino effect. Moh’s Montage will be contagious.” Moh said.

It seems that with his vibrancy and sheer energy and will to dream, soon Moh will have us all singing to the same tune.

Moh Dediouf is the winner of the International Song Writing Competition in New York in the world music category or his song Adouna. He is the 1st francophone artist who received this recognition.

His song Africa selected by Sony music for the World Cup compilation Hello Afrika / Sony show case:

A new African music … with more than 25 artists, 10 different nationalities  and a children’s choir who participate on this album project.

Moh has created a collective called African Artist for Next Generation with a view to unite all African artist around the world who support and diffuse a message of hope & peace.

Moh has created a network with all organization working on African development, their main aim is to bring forth a new vision of Africa

South African artist  who have joined the project include Tumi, the Revolution, Putuma and Black SonShine

See the video of Teddy member of the collective /

Digital release on his new single So in Love /