Selebi Sentence Too Lenient: Says IFP

JOHANNESBURG – The IFP has welcomed the South Gauteng High Court’s decision today to sentence the former South African police chief and Interpol head, Jackie Selebi, to a 15-year jail term for corruption.

“While the IFP welcomes today’s sentencing, we believe that Mr Selebi’s sentence is too lenient and he deserved a lengthier jail term. He was not only an embarrassment to the SAPS but to the country’s image abroad because of his involvement with Interpol,” said Velaphi Ndlovu, the IFP’s spokesperson on Police today.

Ndlovu said that Selebi’s actions had tarnished the police force’s image and diminished the public’s respect and confidence in the SAPS.

“The IFP is pleased that today’s sentencing will repair some of the damage inflicted on the SAPS’s public image by its former police chief. Moreover, we hope that the sentence will send out a clear message to all police officers and corrupt officials that corruption will not be tolerated and that no one is above the law, not even those with powerful political connections,” added Ndlovu.

In conclusion Ndlovu said: “The IFP sincerely hopes that Mr Selebi will serve his time in a prison cell and not in a private hospital room.”