Rwanda: Sikubwabo and Kayishema Referral Cases to Rwanda Deferred

Source ICTR – Trial  Chamber  III of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda    today  decided that proceedings in relation to motions filed, under Rule 11  bis,   by  the  Prosecution  for  referral  of cases against Charles Sikubwabo  and  Fulgence Kayishema to the authorities of the Republic of Rwanda,  including  the appointment of Counsel for the accused, shall be   deferred  until  the  Accused are arrested or until a final decision has been  made  in  relation  to  another  request in the case of Jean-Bosco Uwinkindi, whatever comes first.

The  Trial  Chamber, composed of Judges Vagn Joensen, presiding, Gberdao Gustave  Kam  and  Mparany  Rajohnson  made  the  ruling  when issuing a scheduling order in the cases.

On 4 November 2010, the Prosecution filed three applications seeking the referral to Rwanda of the cases of Uwinkindi, former Pastor in Charge of Pentecostal   Church  in  Kanzanze,  Sikubwabo,  former  Bourgmestre  of Gishyita, Kibuye Prefecture and Kayishema, former Inspector of Police in Kivumo commune.

In  the  ruling  the Trial Chamber recalled that Sikubwabo and Kayishema were  still  at  large.  Therefore  the  matter pending before the Trial Chamber  was not particularly urgent as long as the accused had not been arrested.

The Chamber said it considered that information that will be gathered in relation  to the referral request concerning Uwinkindi, who is presently in  custody  of the Tribunal, and the outcome of that case, particularly in  the  event of an appeal, is likely to impact on the issues that will be raised in relation to the other referral requests.