Press Statement- MDC 99 Party Launch


The MDC 99 party has been inundated by calls from the media Zimbabwe masses and the international community over the issue of the party launch status. This follows statements made by our legal counsel in a court of law in defense of MDC 99 leaders.

Please note that this was only a legal jugular meant to shrug off a ‘case’ of political victimization against MDC 99 officials by Mugabe and Zanu PF.

The legal jugular worked well for the party as all our leaders were set free. Therefore the official POSITION is; the MDC 99 party was launched on the 8th of May 2010 at Adelaide Acres in Harare.

MDC 99 is saddened by the sensationalisation of the legal statements by Zanu PF propaganda media houses masquerading as state media. The party; having seen overwhelming response will not   be deterred from aiming at the final goal of delivering the people out of dictatorship.

Constitution Making The MDC 99 party wishes to express its profound disappointment in the trading of positions by GNU parties as concerns constitutional matters. Our party position is, it is the ultimate right of the people of Zimbabwe to decide on what they want to be in the constitution.

This must not be governed by anyone, war veterans or party leaders.

Gay Rights

The MDC 99 party leaves the right of choosing and deciding on constitutional matters to the masses of Zimbabwe. As a party, we condemn the public statements made by President Mugabe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai on gay rights.

The statements are a gross violation of human rights. For the record, President Mugabe can not teach anyone morals. His marital life speaks a lot.

So, the MDC 99 encourages all Zimbabweans to consider rights for everyone since there is no human being deemed fitter than the other.

MDC 99 Information Department.