Organization To Promote Media Empowerment Established In Liberia

By: Augustine N. Myers – A new media Organization, the Liberia Media Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation Incorporated (LIMEAF), has been established in the country and has begun operations.

LIMEAF Inc. as a professional Organization is fully cognizant of the many problems and challenges faced by media practitioners in Liberia.

LIMEAF Inc. objectively seeks to empower the Liberian Media, especially media practitioners and those interested in becoming professional Journalists, and equally embarks on a major Advocacy Program to foster transformation (positive changes) in the Liberian society.

The entity through its empowerment programs will provide capacity building training, as well as the provision of equipment, logistics including materials to media institutions, especially those in the rural parts of the Country.

LIMEA Inc. in a release also says it will provide modern tools to those institutions to enable media practitioners to be on par with their colleagues around the world in the business of Print and Broadcast Journalism.

As part of its empowerment initiatives, LIMEAF Inc. will engage in Career Development, ensure active female participation in the media, Discovering Hidden Talents in media practitioners for onward promotion and the provision of loans and materials to media institutions and individuals, among others.

The Organization also has a PR Section known as Media As Partner (PAP) Public Relations and Media Consultancy Firm.

LIMEAF Inc. focuses on Specialization in Journalism with emphasis in training media practitioners in the areas of Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Gender, Education, Health and Agriculture, Elections, Water and Sanitation, Economics or Business, Weather, Aviation, Environmental, Social, Religious, Sports, Conflict and Peace building reportage, among others.

With respect to its Advocacy Program, the Organization under the Co-Project “Media as Partner(MAP)”, focuses on all aspects of life including Social, Religious, Political, Economic and Development, concerning policies and issues that affect the larger society.

The Advocacy Program addresses Ideas, Initiatives, Activities and Programs that are in the interest of the State and people, and that may equally be considered counterproductive to the growth and development of society.

LIMEAF Inc. with its motto: “Working to Transform Society”, operates as an Agent of Positive Change because the fact remains Media Practitioners are also part of the larger Society with similar social task as responsible citizens to contribute their quota to the socio, political, economic and religious enhancement and advancement of the Country and people.

The Vision of the Liberia Media Empowerment and Advocacy Foundation (LIMEAF) Inc. is to carry out capacity and institution building, along with society outreach activities, with emphasis in Media Empowerment and Advocacy Programs.

The entity’s Mission is to support needy media institutions and individuals, advocates and actively work for the fulfillment of basic human rights, irrespective of religion, tribe, race, status or origin.

It’s Goal is to contribute to the improvement in the living standards of media practitioners in particular, and the larger Liberian society in general with the basic Core Values considering Participation, Transparency, Accountability, Gender Sensitivity and Sustainability.

Meanwhile, Media Practitioners across Liberia have welcomed the establishment of the Liberia Media Empowerment & Advocacy Foundation (LIMEAF Inc.), describing it as in the interest of promoting the academic and economic development of Liberian Journalists, most of whom are the least paid in the Liberian society.