Oasis Donates R5 Million Towards Pakistan Flood Relief Efforts

By Shout-Africa SADC News Desk – CAPE TOWN – The Oasis Group, on behalf of the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust, has made a donation of R5 million towards relief aid for victims in flood-ravaged Pakistan.

This generous donation has come under the guidance of the South African government and the Al-Imdaad Foundation has been appointed as the agency to ensure distribution occurs within the Pakistan community. The Al-Imdaad Foundation will work closely with the government of the Republic of Pakistan and Mr Amir Goa to investigate sustainable projects that can ensure growth and development within village communities. The aim is to equip these communities with healthcare, educational and religious facilities and is seen by the Oasis Group as a means to empower and advance communities of Pakistan.

Funding for this handover was made on behalf of investors in the Oasis Crescent ethical investment product range. In terms of Shari’ah compliance, interest and other non-permissible income earned on these Islamic products is donated to charity by the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust.

“The flooding in Pakistan is one of the most devastating natural disasters to have occurred in decades,” said Shaheen Ebrahim, Oasis Crescent Fund Trust trustee. “We at Oasis are grateful to be able to reach out and assist in the humanitarian crisis it has left in its wake.”

He added, “Although our charitable and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are strongly focused on improving the lives of our fellow South Africans, Oasis has always been willing to aid and show compassion where the most urgent need arises. Contributions to past global disaster relief operations include donations towards the floods in Mozambique in 2002, the provision of aid to victims of the South-East Asia Tsunami in 2004 and, most recently, a donation of R5m towards relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year.”

Mr. Zaigham Uddin Azam, High Commissioner of Pakistan to South Africa, said:

“Our commitment and resolve notwithstanding, the scale of the challenge is far too big for Pakistan to handle alone. The High Commission of Pakistan, on behalf of the people and Government of Pakistan, greatly values this very special gesture of support and solidarity from the Oasis Group. This contribution will be put towards the erection of a self-sustained Oasis Model Village, which will be equipped with all modern amenities and facilities. It will not only provide shelter to homeless and hapless flood-affected people, but will also revolutionize their lives.”

The Al-Imdaad Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian aid organisation, will assist in distributing the donation by identifying target areas of need and ensuring that funds reach those who are most affected.

“This project provides an opportunity for The Al-Imdaad Foundation to work closely with Oasis in providing one the most important necessities for the people of Pakistan,” said Yacoob Vahed, the National Coordinator of the Al-Imdaad Foundation. “Reconstruction and development has been identified as the most important need in Pakistan, and considering that the goals between our organisations sometimes overlap we are proud to have the Oasis Group on board as a working partner. With the help of their funding we can literally help to ‘rebuild’ the lives of those who have been left with nothing.”

As a registered charitable trust, the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust is focused on effecting social transformation and tangible living improvements in the key areas of disaster relief, education, healthcare and social services.

Other trust contributions include donations to Groote Schuur Hospital and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital as well as a contribution of R1m to prevent the closure of the Beit-ul-Aman Home for the Aged. Donations to various educational and charitable institutions are also made on an ongoing basis.

Oasis Crescent Capital is a subsidiary of Oasis Group Holdings, which was formed in 1997. With asset management as its core business, Oasis believes that its most important assets – and those of the country – are its people.

Since its formation, the Group has always been empowered in the conventional and legal sense and it continues to be majority black-owned, managed and staffed. As such, it meets – and often exceeds – all conventional BEE codes and guidelines. Furthermore, Oasis Group Holdings is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment initiative; an investor initiative in partnership with the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative and the UN Global Compact.

In 2005, Oasis Group Holdings committed R5 million over five years to the preservation of the ancient Islamic manuscripts in Timbuktu, Mali.

Over the years, the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust has donated millions to worthy causes in the areas of healthcare, social development, disaster relief, and education. Oasis contributes to all these national and provincial initiatives in support of eradicating South Africa’s social and economic disparities. Major donations include:

1999: Disaster relief for cyclone-ravaged Cape Flats.

2000: Disaster relief contribution for the Muslim Association of Red Cross Hospitals during the war in Kosovo.

2001: Disaster relief recovery plan for the cold and rainy Western and Southern Cape winters. Since 2001 this has occurred on an annual basis.

2002: Recovery programme for the flood victims in Mozambique.

2003: Contribution towards the South African Girls and Boys Town education model to ensure implementation of teaching standards and learner development initiatives across schools in South Africa. This has occurred on an annual and ongoing basis since 2003.

2003: The Crescent Fund Trust brought relief to the inadequate and rudimentary Dermatology Unit of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital by fully equipping it and funding a full-time healthcare worker to operate the unit.

2004: A much needed donation was made to the victims of the Asian Tsunami disaster of December 26th 2004, following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged regions of South-East Asia.

2004: The Crescent Fund Trust funded the building of a dormitory for the students of the As-Salaam Educational Institute in the rural town of Braemar, KwaZulu-Natal.

2005: Oasis responded to the emergency relief operation of the drought-stricken town of Piketberg, where many farmers and communities were affected by the lack of produce within the region for the season.

2006: Oasis contributed computers to Maryland Literacy Centre.

2006: Donation to Gift of the Givers Foundation for their many disaster relief operations.

2007: Donation to Hospice Palliative Care Association to enable the establishment of additional recovery units for patients. Oasis also donated portable X-ray machines to Khayalitsha Site B Clinic.

2008: Oasis opens the Crescent Fund Trust Laser Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital. The unit is home to the first publicly available laser machine and hair removal unit in South Africa.

2008: Oasis contributes more than R1 million to several organizations namely Al Imdaad, Waquf Ul Wafikun, Islamic Peace University, the Gift of the Givers and Sultan Bahu, to ensure the implementation of significant recovery and educational plans for their communities.

2009: In response to the Beit ul Aman Home for the Aged facing closure due to funding shortages, Oasis made a R1 million donation to ensure the continuity of the home’s health and care services.

2010: Oasis donates R5m towards relief efforts to support the disaster victims following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

2010: Oasis contributes R1.3million towards the building of an Early Childhood Development Centre in the community of Vlakfontein, Gauteng.

*PAKISTAN FLOODS photo credits zlahore-afp