Nigeria: President Jonathan calls for peace

By Correspondent Chinyere Ogbonna: President Goodluck Jonathan has urged all Nigerians to renounce violence and unite in the interest of peace and development of the country.

This was contained in his Easter message to Nigerians:

President Goodluck Jonathan has enjoined Christians and non Christians to embrace peace and harmony so that children of both faiths will grow up as brothers, sisters and friends.

He used the Occassion of Easter to urge both Christian and Muslim preachers to utilise their pulpits to preach peace and harmony, so that children of both faiths will grow up as brothers, sisters and friends.

Dr. Jonathan also expressed warm felicitations to the nation, and Christians in particular, on the occasion of the Easter celebrations.

President Jonathan observed that the major significance of Easter is its promise of renewal and redemption for mankind, as well as in its lessons of peace, love, selflessness and sacrifice for the common good, noting that this year’s Easter comes in the midst of historic elections that will further consolidate progressive democratic governance in the country, the President urged Nigerians, Christians and non-Christians alike, to seize the opportunity of the season to reflect on its lessons, forsake hate and violence, and embrace peace and unity for the successful conclusion of the elections.

President Jonathan thanked Nigerians once again for turning out in their millions to give him a resounding mandate in the Presidential elections of April 16.

He stated that his Administration was taking all necessary steps to ensure that the nation quickly overcomes the trauma of the untoward events that followed the declaration of the results and unite to participate in the remaining elections in order to ensure a peaceful transition on May 29, 2011.Stating that he is well aware of the great responsibility entrusted to him.

With massive victory recorded in the presidential elections, President Jonathan assured Nigerians, once again, that he will work tirelessly to fulfil all his campaign promises in the next four years.

The President promised a purposeful, thoroughly focused and dynamic post-May 29 Administration that will continue to give priority attention to the critical developmental challenges facing the nation, particularly the rehabilitation and expansion of national infrastructure as well as the improvement of public services such as education and healthcare.

He promised that the equitable distribution of developmental projects to all parts of the country will remain a cardinal principle of his Administration. Stressing that every section of the country will be carried along in the implementation of his agenda for national transformation and

Above all, President Jonathan assured the nation that he will continue to work with all interest groups in the country to achieve peaceful, secure and politically stable conditions essential for rapid economic development and the creation of millions of new jobs for teaming Nigerian youthful population.

The President appealed for continued support and prayer of all Nigerians while urging them to act in the best interest of the nation at all times.

He wished the country happy Easter celebrations and God’s mighty blessings now and always.