Nigeria: Award of distinction given to President Ernest Bai Koroma

On Sunday March 2, 2014,  President Ernest Bai Koroma was honoured in Lagos, Nigeria by Nigeria’s foremost media group, the Silverbird Group, with the Award of Distinction for a sitting President, given in respect of his great reconstruction efforts in changing the face of Sierra Leone and for his fight against corruption. The Award was received on his behalf by Ambassador Henry Olufumi Macauley, Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to Nigeria. President Paul Kagami of Rwanda was also similarly honoured, for his success at reconstructing that genocide war torn Country.

President Koroma receives the Silverbird Award

President Koroma receives the Silverbird Award

The occasion was the annual Silverbird Man of the Year Award Ceremony, and this year saw a tie between Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola and Anambra State Governor Peter Obi as the Silverbird Man of the Year. Both were present to receive their awards. Few other dignitaries were also recognized at this very prestigious event, which, as Governor Fashola puts it, is the only Award voted for by the Nigerian public for which the Awardee does not have to pay.

Receiving the award, Ambassador Macauley thanked the Silverbird Group for the recognition of President Koroma’s hard work. He said this would not have been possible without the great human and material sacrifices made by Nigeria to end the war in Sierra Leone. He thanked Nigeria, and promised Sierra Leone would do more to make Nigeria proud.

President Koroma in his acceptance speech earlier recorded and played during the ceremony, promised to continue his fight against corruption and his belief that democracy is a key partner component, if we must save and grow our economies.

The ceremony was well attended by top political and business leaders and was aired live via satellite worldwide. – Source: Sierra Leone High Commission – Abuja