Naomi Campbell’s Embittered Ex-Agent’s ‘lies’ Over Charles Taylor’s Diamonds

Andrew Gregory – THE HAGUE – Supermodel Naomi Campbell swapped texts with war lord Charles Taylor hours before his men gave her “blood diamonds”, a court heard yesterday.

The supermodel’s embittered ex-agent Carole White claimed she received three or four updates, telling her when the precious stones were due.

Carol White

But under cross-examination, Ms White, 60, admitted she could not be sure who was texting Ms Campbell, 40.

She was then accused of telling “a complete pack of lies” to smear Ms Campbell, whom she is suing for breach of contract.

She was also forced to deny making up claims that the diamonds were promised while Taylor flirted with her ex-boss at a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela in 1997.

Prosecutors say diamonds were used to fund a lethal trade in weapons during the civil war in Sierra Leone.

Former Liberian president Taylor, 62, denies 11 war crime charges. The trial in The Hague continues.