MDC revives its structures

By Lawrence Paganga (Harare) – The main MDC party on Friday launched a new membership card in Harare as the party gears on a recruitment drive and strengthening its structures ahead of national elections next year.

Speaking at the event on Friday, MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai told hundreds of gathered people that as a post-liberation party, the MDC was born to protect and promote the ideals of the liberation struggle.

“We represent the natural successor to the continuing struggle to build the type of nation our heroes sacrificed so much to achieve,” he said.

The party said over 3 million Zimbabweans were expected to purchase the new card, which it said was the MasterCard to a better Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans are expected to go for an election next year after the national referendum on the constitution making process that is underway in the country.

However, the constitution making process has been marred by incidences of violence as Zanu PF is intimidating people especially in rural areas to support its position.

The new card is a renewal of the MDC as a political party 11 years since its formation in 1999.

The MDC is now the majority party in parliament after it defeated Zanu PF in the March 2008 elections.

However, the MDC says over 200 of its activists were killed after the defeat of Zanu PF at the polls.

The party said it was gearing this country towards a political environment that unleashes the full potential of its people.

However, the electoral body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has said that it is not ready for elections, citing a shambolic voters’ roll, lack of funds and the struggling national healing and reconciliation process.