List Of Richest Dutch People Across The World

The annual Quote 500 list of the 500 richest Dutch people is released today. Radio Netherlands Worldwide decided to find out who tops the bill on each continent. These are the richest Dutch people, according to Quote magazine, around the world. Plus top 5 ways to get rich.

  • Top 5 ways to get rich, compiled from Quote, Forbes and Fortune magazines
  • Be rich already. Most of the world’s wealthy inherited their riches. After all, with one million euros in the bank you can live comfortably off the 40-50,000 euros interest it generates per year (assuming a 4-5 percent interest rate). Anything above that is yours to invest and create even more wealth.
  • Be thrifty. Cheap. A cheapskate, even. From Freddy Heineken always pushing for a discount to Warren Buffet who drives a second-hand Toyota, the fabulously wealthy are famous for their stinginess. Those people who flaunt their wealth by driving sports cars to the chicest shops are not the richest of the rich. And they may not even be just plain rich for long.
  • Live near smart people. The most valuable resource in the 21st century is brains. The more, the better. Smart money follows smart people.
  • Ignore the rules. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were super-competitive businessmen most of their careers. Don’t let the fact that they have now found their social consciences fool you. Nice guys do finish last.
  • Don’t read get-rich-quick tips written by an impoverished journalist. If you’ve got to this point on the list, you clearly do not know how to use your time efficiently and you’re destined to keep dreaming about wealth without ever attaining it.