Liberia:Two Major Opposition Political Parties To Form Joint Ticket Against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s 2nd Term

By: Augustine N. Myers – As the political fewer gets underway ahead of the 2011 general and presidential elections, Liberian politicians, especially those from the opposition camps are doing every in their power to stop the second term bid of Africa’s first female democratically elected President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who considers herself a formidable force in next year’s election.

The two major political parties that came second and third respectively to President Sirleaf in the 2005 general and presidential elections that were contested by twenty two candidates, have disclosed plans to form a merger to defeat the incumbent President.

The Executive Committees of the Opposition Congress of Democratic Change (CDC) of former World Best Footballer, George Mannah Weah, and Liberty Party (LP) of Former President Pro Temporal of the Liberian Senate, Legal Counselor Charles Walker Brumskine have agreed to consolidate their two political parties to contest the 2011 elections.

The two parties, in separate resolutions read at a news conference in Monrovia Sunday, resolved that their Executive Committees would appoint and constitute special committees to negotiate the terms and conditions for consolidating in a merger.

According to the two parties, the special committees will also draft a plan for the consolidation.

The CDC and LP through their respective Executive Committees, in their resolution have at the same time warned their officials and other partisans against engaging in acts or utterances that would undermine the intent and purpose of uniting the opposition political parties beginning with the consolidation of the merger.

The two major opposition political parties have meanwhile assured they will do everything humanly possible to ensure a possible meager coalition, and to also remain engaged with other opposition political parties for a bigger opposition bloc to defeat the ruling Unity Party (UP).

Observers have welcomed the planned meager of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Liberty Party (LP), describing it as “Dream Ticket” expected to make a political difference in next year’s elections.

The big question, and one even asked by political commentators is “Who shall be the Presidential Candidate”, Weah or Brumskine?