Liberia:Tony Blair Visits Liberia ….Stresses importance of Private Sector

By: Augustine N. Myers – Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has paid a two-day State visit to Liberia, with an emphasis on the private sector, among other things.

Mr. Blair says the private sector of the economy remains an engine for growth and job creation. This according to him, gives the Government a vote of confidence, underlining achievements and gains in wooing investors after years of civil crisis.

Mr. Blair said, it was because of vote of confidence in Liberia that investors from around the world are expressing interest to come and do business.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after meeting with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Monrovia, the former British Prime Minister expressed optimism about the future of Liberia.

Speaking during his visit to renew his commitment with the Liberian Government, Mr. Blair, now head of Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) said he was impressed about how great the changes have been in Liberia few years back compared to where the Country is today.

According to him, infrastructure development and local businesses are far greater that now compels the Liberian Government to create jobs for the people.

Mr. Blair whose Foundation is currently assisting Liberia’s post-conflict Governance Program, admonished the Government of Liberia to encourage investment in the private sector, refereeing to it as the engine of growth and jobs.

For her part, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recognized the good things Mr. Blair did for Liberia in the past and now in his promotion in Africa’s development.

President Sirleaf said her Government was very pleased under his (AGI) that has been able to give Liberia a team that has been working with the Ministry of State to make Liberians more efficient and effective as the Country tries to carry out its development agenda.

The Liberian leader further said that every time the former British Prime Minister comes to Liberia, he motivates and narrates his experiences, adding that Mr. Blair is able to sit with her and talk about the works he has done in some other African Nations.

The 2-day visit was Mr. Blair’s second visit to Liberia since February of this year.

He announced his good governance Project in Liberia at the end of his first visit.