LIBERIA: OXFAM Promises More Service-Delivery

….Launches Single Management Structure – By: WASH R&E Network – In a bid to bring about harmony in its operation as an international non-governmental Organization, OXFAM has launched a Single Management Structure under its GO-LIVE Program.

The launch of the Single Management Structure according to Authorities at the Organization Monrovia Office brings the 15-member Confederation under one Administrative umbrella.

Under the new Management Structure, Oxfam Great  Britain name will be changed to Oxfam International Liberia with the aimed of creating that spirit of oneness in its operation around the world.

The program which was held under the theme: “OXFAM, One Voice, Oxfam Greater impact”, brought together government officials, development partners and witnessed the exhibition of products by beneficiaries from the Entity’s Livelihood, Health and Economic Empowerment Programs.

Speaking over the week-end at a colorful occasion held at the Monrovia City Hall, OXFAM International Liberia Country Director, Salifu Sledge assured Liberians that the Organization will increase its impact by focusing on young girls and women in areas not assessable in Liberia.

According to Mr. Sledge, the Single Management Structure model is a manifestation of the 15-member Confederation commitment in creating efficiency and effectiveness in its services around the globe.

He renewed the Organization’s commitment in putting place programs that would buttress Government Development Agenda for the Country.

The Oxfam Liberia Country Director disclosed that his Organization will continue to work with Liberians in making sure the citizens contribute positively to Liberia’s reconstruction process.

Mr. Sledge said the pillars that could bring about change in the socio and economic status of Liberians is capacity building of ordinary citizens and local partners.

The Oxfam Liberia Boss thanked the Government of Liberia for creating the atmosphere for its operation and development partners for the level of technical support they have received since the Organization stated operating in Liberia.

He named Economic Empowerment, Public Health, Livelihood, Campaign and Advocacy, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene as programs Oxfam is undertaken in Liberia.

In the Public Health Sector, Mr. Sledge disclosed that Oxfam is working with the Liberian Government and local partners in providing public health services in the Country.

The Organization under its Lively-hood Program has purchased 75 acres of land where a farm house is constructed for a corporative comprising of women that are involved in agricultural activities in rural Montserrado County.

Mr. Sledge further disclosed that his Entity has made significant progress in the areas of Public Health, Economic Empowerment and Livelihood, with many Liberian women being empowered to contribute to the socio and economic development of the Country.

He said amongst the challenges faced by the Organization, the Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector of Liberia are key on the agenda of OXFAM. He also reminded Liberians that they were no longer in an emergency period.

Mr. Sledge also said monitoring and evaluation, financing of the sector and institutional issues as some major challenges in the WASH sector.

He further used the occasion to commend the Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for the signing of the Liberia Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Compact.

The Compact document was drafted at an international conference by the Liberian Government, Civil society and development partners last year to address issues  in the WASH sector.

Oxfam International Liberia is the present host and Chair for the Liberia WASH Consortium in the Country. The Liberia WASH Consortium is the conglomeration of International Nongovernmental Organizations championing the cause of both Government and local partners to improve the WASH sector.