LIBERIA: “Global Communities” Extolled for Response to Operation WASH Ebola Away

By: WASH R&E “Media” Network – Global Communities, formerly CHF has received a pat on the back for the form and manner in which it has responded to “Operation WASH Ebola Away Strategy”, inclusive of hygiene kits distribution in Lofa County.

Beneficiary taking delivery of hygiene kits, thanks to Global Communities

Beneficiary taking delivery of hygiene kits, thanks to Global Communities

A beneficiary with a measurement for Chlorine Solution

A beneficiary with a measurement for Chlorine Solution

The American based charity, Global Communities is leading vigorous efforts through its natural leaders ensuring that the kits reach every household in the county.

The charity is expected to distribute more than 12, 000 hygiene kits as part of the Sector Strategy to contain the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease.

Global Communities has already carried out the distribution of more than 2000 kits in Lofa and is continuing the process.

In an exclusive interview with the WASH R&E “Media” Network, Assistant Public Works Minister for Community Services, George  Yarngo disclosed that Global Communities is not only providing logistics and natural leaders to expedite the distribution process, but also involved in house to house approach spreading information about the practice of safe hygiene in the  fight against Ebola.

Assistant Minister Yarngo asserted that the WASH Cluster is impressed about the role of Global Communities, ensuring that end users in different communities have access to the kits  in voinjama and other parts of the county.

He said the involvement of Global Communities in the distribution process of the hygiene kits yielded the results the WASH Cluster expected from the field.

Mr. Yarngo further added that the impact of the distribution was visible in areas were the distribution took place in Voinjama and surrounding areas.

He lauded Global Communities for its support ensuring that Operation WASH Ebola Away becomes a success story in Lofa County, an area hard hit by the virus.

During the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Lofa County, Global Communities was the first International Charity Organization to respond to the crisis.

The charity is implementing USAID’s ALERT Project in the 15 political sub divisions of Liberia.

Assisting Liberians with Education to Reduce Transmission (ALERT) has brought a major change in the fight against the Ebola Virus.

The issue of timely removal of Ebola dead bodies and burial were major challenges faced by the National Task Force on Ebola.

Today, bodies are no longer seen on the streets of Monrovia and other parts of the country as before.

The project main focus is gear towards the reduction of the transmission of diseases through educating locals about the prevention and spread of diseases, especially the Ebola Virus, and strengthening the capacity of health teams at the local level by providing trained Public Health Technicians.