Liberia: Cabinet Minister Recognizes Journalists As Partners In Progress

…Praises the Media for reporting on Infrastructure & WATSAN Programs – By: Augustine N. Myers – The professional conduct of Liberian Journalists, especially in increasing coverage and reportage on issues of Infrastructure and WATSAN in post-conflict Liberia, has been recognized and appreciated by the Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Liberia.

Cross section of Liberian Journalists at the ProgramMinister Samuel Kofi Woods, a onetime Human Rights Activist and Legal Counselor says Liberian Journalists are now focusing on development and progressive issues, and are now transitioning from only sensational and political issues.

Minister Woods commanded the media in Liberia for prioritizing issues like Roads, Bridges, Drainages, Water & Sanitation, Peace Building and Zoning.

For Roads, the Liberian Public Works Minister praised Journalists in the Country for informing and educating the public on primary paved, primary laterite, Secondary Laterite, Neighborhood and Feeder Roads.

He commanded efforts of Liberian Journalists to promote development programs initiated by the Liberian government and International partners, and described Journalists as true partners Former Human Rights Activist, Now Public Works Minister, “Legal Counselor” Samuel Kofi Woodsin progress. He said Journalists also continue to report on progress made so far by the Liberian government on the renovation and construction of Public Buildings.

Minister Woods speaking over the weekend in Monrovia, when his Ministry organized an Interactive Forum with Senior Reporters, Editors and Publishers to command them for their commitment and professionalism to inform and educate Liberians and foreign residents on key national issues.

The Liberian Public Works Minister has meanwhile praised a Group of Journalists now organizing themselves into an Organization to increase coverage and reportage on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues in Liberia.

He said the Ministry was happy to recognize and appreciate the Liberian media practitioners, especially those promoting WASH issues, because according to him, the Public Works Ministry has a WATSAN Program which deals with Water and Sanitation.

Minister Woods used the occasion to urge WASH Reporters and Editors to inform and educate the public on the Ministry’s Planned Interventions which focus on plans to:

Construct 700 boreholes fitted with hand pumps in rural communities;

Rehabilitate 90% (5, 476) existing water points in rural communities;

Construct 800 hand dug wells fitted with hand pumps in rural Liberian Journalists praised for partnership to promote Government’s infrastructure & WATSAN Programs  communities;

Construct 2,000 bio-sand filters in inaccessible rural communities;

Rehabilitate 3,000 existing communal latrines in schools, hospitals and clinics;

Assist families in the construction of 50,000 household latrines in rural communities;

Construct 10,000 communal and institutional latrines in schools, health centers and public buildings;

Scale up Hygiene Promotion in 15 Counties; and

Support the strengthening and establishment of WATSAN committees and build their capacity through sensitizations and networking.

Minister Woods commending the Press, as Journalists take notesThe Public Works Minister has equally extolled efforts of WASH Reporters & Editors Network of Liberia for informing the public on Progress already made in WATSAN issues which include:

209 boreholes with hand pumps completed;

1,215 existing water points in rural communities have been completed;

796 hand dug wells fitted with hand pumps have been constructed;

294 bio-sand filters have been constructed in inaccessible rural communities;

362 existing communal latrines in schools, hospitals and clinics have been rehabilitated;

2,378 household latrines have been constructed in rural communities with 7 communities declared Open Defecation Free (ODF);

123 communal and institutional latrines in schools, health centers and public buildings;

2,110 bottles of Water Guard distributed; 275 persons trained in Health and Hygiene Promotion in Grand Cape Mount and Grand Bassa Counties; and 130 WATSAN committees have been established.

The Liberian Journalists in separate brief remarks at the Program welcomed the Forum, and promised to remain professional in the discharge of their duties and social national responsibilities.