LIBERIA: Americans Form Partnership With Liberians

beneficiaries of Aid Liberia….Provide Medical Drugs & Food – By: Augustine N. Myers –  A consignment of medical drugs has been brought in the Country by a United States based Organization, “International Aid” to be provided to Liberians free of charge.

The President of International Aid, David Wisen speaking to the press after their arrival in the Country, said the main goal of the Organization is to provide vitamins and medicines for children, and that they are also trying to coordinate efforts for the distribution of the drugs especially in the various Communities, schools and Churches in the rural areas of Liberia.

He said the drugs which are already in the Country include vitamins, pain killers and decongestants, and disclosed that a bigger shipment of medical drugs and equipment will be in Liberia by April this year.

According to him, Liberia remains dear to his heart and the entire congregation of Harvest Bible Chapel based in the United Sates, due to a partnership with the Servants of God Outreach Ministries (SOGOM Harvest) in Liberia.

beneficiaries of Aid LiberiaElder Wisen said SOGOM Harvest, through its General Overseer, Pastor Moses Wheigar has won their trust and confidence.

According to him, SOGOM Harvest continues to perform impressively in the implementation of initiatives and projects in Liberia.

The American philanthropist further said, the friendliness of the Liberian people continues to also serve as a source of encouragement for their constant visits to Liberia.

The presence of the American team was also marked by the distribution of rice to Liberians, especially community dwellers of the ELBC Community in Paynesville, where SOGOM Harvest Central Church is situated.

Elder Wisen said the distribution of the rice is part of efforts by the church, which is the center of the Community to as well cater to the spiritual and physical needs of the people.

Meanwhile, Elder Wisen has described the construction of a modern edifice of SOGOM Harvest located behind ELBC, as evidenced that Liberians can be trusted. He said they were impressed to return to Liberia to see a Church, School and Children’s Ministry well functioning under SOGOM Harvest.

He assured that they will continue to partner with SOGOM Harvest in the spread of the Gospel and engaging in other activities across Liberia.

He also said, he is impressed with the level of progress made so far in terms of road and other infrastructure development under the present leadership of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Elder Wisen at the same time challenged Liberians to remain prayer in selecting their leaders ahead of the general and presidential elections this year.

Head of American Team (first from left), along with SOGOM Harvest General Overseer (middle)

Head of American Team (first from left), along with SOGOM Harvest General Overseer (middle)

He also wants Liberians to dedicate their time and service to God, because according to him, it is only Jesus Christ that can save Liberia.

Also speaking, a member of the team from International Aid in the United States, Madam Wanda Kein said she was very happy to be in Liberia, as this was her first visit to Africa, and expressed optimism to return with more medical drugs and other equipment to assist in improving the health needs of the loving people of Liberia.

She described the distribution of the rice as a further manifestation of their desire to also provide food, especially to those in need.

Madam Kein assured that upon her return to the United States, she will carry a message to attract more assistance for the Liberian people, and expressed willingness shortly to again visit Liberia, because according to her, the Country is a save place and the people are very friendly.

For his part, another member of the team from International Aid, Thomas Taylor described as a wonderful experience to visit Africa for the very first time, making Liberia his first Country out of the United States.

He said, though he is visiting Liberia for the first time, he sees hope, opportunities and growth for Liberia, a Nation coming out of years of civil crisis. According to him, this is because of the willingness of Liberians to respond to changing realities in this political dispensation of their Country.

Mr. Taylor also promised to perform an ambassadorial role for more assistance for the people of Liberia, upon his return to the United States, stating that he will return to Liberia as soon as possible.

He used the occasion to admonish Liberians to remain focused and hold together in championing the growth and development of their Country.

The six-member American delegation comprised of the President of International Aid, his wife and daughter, and three others. They include; David Wisen, Kristen Wisen, Katherine Averill, Thomas Taylor, Steve Reinstra and Wanda Keim.