Kenya probes trade on human organs

By Mark Oloo in Nairobi – Police in Kenya have unearthed a syndicate in which human body organs are reportedly sold across borders in Eastern Africa.

Authorities said the illegal ring involved mortuary attendants and workers of funeral homes in big cities, including the capital Nairobi.

Yesterday, police arrested two suspects transporting male genitals to a neighbouring country, after they laid an ambush following a tip-off. The suspects included an employee of a local funeral home.

They two suspects were locked up for questioning in Nairobi and are expected to be arraigned in court today.

“From our probe, the trade seems to have been going on for some time involving a network of others and mortuary attendants,” said Mr Johana Chebii, a senior police commander in Nairobi.

Police said investigation had shown body parts have a booming market in neighbouring Tanzania, where more than 50 albinos have been killed in the last three years.

Remains of albinos are sold to buyers who believe the body parts will cure them or make them rich.

Last month, a Kenyan was arrested in Tanzania after he attempted to sell an albino friend for Sh20 million. (about 20,000 Euros).