Japan hit by most powerful earthquake ever

By Own Correspondent – The Japanese government has declared a State of Emergency after the most powerful earthquake to ever hit Japan which struck at 14.46 Japanese time. The earthquake is 8000 times larger than what hit Christchurch in February and has been recorded at around 7.9 magnitude.

At the moment it is feared that 44 people are feared to have died and there is reports of many others missing and they expect the number to higher. The tsunami wave that followed immediately the earthquake has added more damages.

People were seen running out into the street soon after the quake hit and they was fear that some might be run over by cars moving fast to get out of the city. Now that the quake is over many people are stuck in lifts within the many skyscrapers in the city because of shortage of electricity. A ship carrying over 100 people was seen being swept away.

The massive earthquake which struck today off the coast of Japan is believed to have sparked a fire at a nuclear plant and several nuclear plants along the coast were partially shut down after the quake, but there is no reports of any radioactive leaks at the moment.

The quake started a fire in a turbine building at nuclear power plant in north-eastern Japan, but the reactor building is reported to be quite secure.

Smoke was has been observed coming out of the building, which is separate from the reactor, and the cause was under investigation. The plant is in Miyagi prefecture. Tohoku Electric Power has said there have been no reports of radioactive leaks or injuries.