International: UK students demonstrations on tuition fees and cuts on higher education

UK Student DemoBy Justin Oliver Zinda (UK) – In London yesterday, students held a demonstration against the coalition government’s plans to allow UK universities to charge tuition fees of up to £9,000 per year from next year. Students complain that this could put people off studying at university.

The march against raising tuition fees, was attended by almost 52,000 university students from all across the United Kingdom. It was noisy but mainly peaceful, but this was until before the storming of No. 30 Millbank – the office building of the Conservative party – by a group of hard core protesters.

Students complain that Mr Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have betrayed the nation because they have broken their promise to vote against a fee increase.

David Cameron, who was on visit to China, was yesterday asked by a Chinese student in Beijing whether tuition fee rises for British students will also mean that tuition fees for overseas students in Britain will have to go up. This question clearly indicates that this crisis will affect not only British students, but also many overseas students who come over here to the United Kingdom to study. This is unavoidable, considering that the government has planned to cut up to 40% in university funding.