IGN France International will present the Land Administration project currently ongoing in Uganda

The 2012 Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty will take place in Washington, D.C. from April 24-27, 2011. Held under the theme of “Land governance in a rapidly changing world”, the conference aims to bring together a broad range of stakeholders to share experience on issues of relevance to the land sector. It aims to foster dialogue on how different actors can help improve land governance and how doing so can contribute to equitable growth and poverty reduction.

Today’s communities are in a constant state of change and growth. All over the world, Land Administration Institutions must continuously provide accurate and consistent information on the status of property rights while facing challenges such as increasing number of properties with sometimes fraudulent titles, complex tax laws and exemptions, and the need for public access to records.

Given the expertise that IGN France International has acquired over the world in the Land Administration field, and currently in Africa, Stéphane GIL, Land Administration expert, working within IGN France International, the French IGN’s (National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information) export subsidiary, will present a paper named “LIS1  Development Project and Measures Proposed to Enhance Trust in the Land Administration System in Uganda” within a specific session on creating the data infrastructure to facilitate effective land use planning. At this occasion, the project will be described and information on the project progress will be given.

The speaker’s purpose will be to insist upon the measures proposed to enhance trust in Land Administration system in Uganda, the effort being made to put in place the LIS intending to enhance accessibility of land information in a transparent and efficient way, to encourage formalization and registration of land transactions, hence increase confidence of land buyers as well as to stimulate the economy by making land information available to the public as and when one needs to use it for any given purpose. These measures proposed to enhance a trust in land administration system in Uganda are divided in three main categories: organizational, technical and training & communication measures.

Stéphane GIL will point out during his speech how the project aims to achieve an optimisation of land administration business processes through a modernisation of the registry and cadastral offices including changing of the organisational culture, training and capacity building, introduction of the systematic use of computers at the workplaces and implementation of the LIS at the Survey and Mapping Department, Central Registration Office in Kampala and 6 pilot districts in order to prepare for further roll-out for the entire country.

His speech will be illustrated by the several components which composed this project, whose IGN France International is currently leading. He will start by the first component such as the detailed design of the land information system including the proposal for re-engineering and modernisation of the registry and its procedures (component 1), followed by the data conversion, cadastral maps and titles together with the establishment of a digital base map up-to-date orthophoto for cadastral mapping (component2), and will present the integration step linking the title with the relevant parcel (component 3). He will continue by the presentation of the organisation of public information and awareness campaign and capacity building and training of personnel (i.e. sustainability through training and maintenance) (component 4) and will conclude by the preparation of the strategy and implementation plan for the nationwide roll-out (component 5).

Over the course of this thematic session, representatives from several countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Germany and United States will report on their different experiences.

Find out more about IGN France International’s projects in the Land Administration field by visiting www.ignfi.com

[1] LIS : Land Information System