Helen Zille Must Not Abuse The African Natioanl Congress(ANC) Name

Issued By Jackson Mthembu, ANC National Spokesperson African National Congress

It is very unfortunate that Helen Zille in her desperate attempt to justify the swallowing of the Independent Democrats by the Democratic Alliance when addressing a press conference resorted to peddling misleading lies about corruption thriving under the ANC governance and about the Constitution being under threat.


These are tired scarecrow tactics that could not sustain COPE and that would not hold DA-ID marriage together. We will not dwell on refuting the vows of this marriage founded on a lie and which can only be sustained by more lies.

All right thinking and properly informed people know that it is the ANC democratic government that has made it fashionable to fight corruption, and even to talk about fighting corruption. We have a big arsenal of instruments to fight corruption within the State, and they

are performing their functions very effectively without fear or favour. The positive results are there for all who are willing to see them.

It is not in our interest to undermine our Constitution in any way. Not when we have worked so hard to consolidate and advance gains of our hard-won democracy and freedom. Everybody knows that the ANC is a movement with a rich political tradition and unparalleled legacy that other parties can only wish for. It is the only party with a vision, plan and best policies to unite South Africans of all races and to ensure a creation of a better life for all.

We are the only party that represents the aspiration of millions of South Africans who are poor and who have been victims of colonial and apartheid rule, and who want to see meaningful change.

These millions of South Africans would not be fooled by the DA-ID vows and fully appreciate that the DA and ID in its belly now will not represent their interest as evidenced by their repeated onslaught on the ANC policies of Affirmative Action and the Black Economic Empowerment policy amongst others which are really enemy of the DA.

We continue to make a call to all those former members of the ID who are outraged by this sell-out act on the part of their leadership to join the ANC in pursuing a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it and a better life for all South Africans.

This swallowing of the ID by the DA will follow the same destiny suffered by the then DA & NP so-called marriage in due course.