Government hails wide cooperation with Mogadishu people.

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – Hundreds of Mogadishu residents attended in a big rally organized by the Somali government as Mogadishu‘s administration to show its collaborations among its people and to support for the newly appointed Prime minister.

Somalia Prime Minister SupportThe event which  was aimed to foster government ties to the ordinary people to find viable way in the struggle  of retaking overall districts in the capital had been the first such great result.

Speaking to the crowd Abdikadir Ali Omar the minister of interior affairs of the Somali transitional federal government ( TFG) says we have move forward , it is time to be cooperated we need security giants and to find ways that we can achieve in the rule of governing said the minister.

Also addressing to the demonstrators the mayor of the capital Mogadishu Mohmuud Tarsan hailed all Somalis must unite and be cooperated in the name of need objectives and peace.

He requested Mogadishu people to work with his administration in order to move forward because we are in attempt to gain the capital and to secure so that we can work as powerful government he said.

This campaigns comes amid Somali parliament is expected to approve the newly appointed Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed Farmajo.

Most of the people in the country expressed different ideas about the government work since it has came to office.

Some says president Sharif is not doing any more in the security process as it term of presidency is ongoing to be finished soon.

While others argued he has been tackling with the strong oppositions.